At Teamskilld, it is our constant effort to create a network of world-class trainers and industry experts who, in turn, create high-quality courseware that resonates with compliance professionals across the world. We are continually updating and expanding our curriculum to reflect the latest industry challenges and are always looking for Subject Matter Experts (SME's) for both our in-person and online courses. We welcome approaches from individuals regarding speaking and leading online courses/workshops. Our current trainer database includes executives from within industry, active industry consultants, as well as professionals from within academia.

Teamskilld creates online profiles & presence for experts like you through web marketing and help you generate additional earnings through webinar based training to a global audience.

This unique opportunity brings with it, many value additions & creates an additional revenue stream by opening up quite a few consulting opportunities in your domain & area of expertise. Apart from revenue from sessions going live, you will also gain in revenue for the supplementary services we offer to customers such as recorded webinars, CDs.

Key requirements for a SME trainers include:

  1. A minimum of 15 years industry experience
  2. Proven training experience, good communication and interpersonal skills
  3. Excellent written skills for preparation of course/educational materials
  4. Fluency in English and ability to conduct the course in English for an international audience

To know more about how you can become our expert panelist, email us at or simply submit your details in the form to have us contact you.

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