Dr. Susan Strauss

Expert Witness, Investigator, Strauss Consulting

Dr. Susan Strauss is a national and international speaker, trainer, and consultant. Her specialty areas include management/leadership development, organization development, communication, and harassment and bullying. She is an expert witness for discrimination and harassment lawsuits. She trains and consults with business, education, healthcare, law, and government organizations from the public and private sectors. Dr. Strauss has authored over 30 book chapters, books, and articles in professional journals. She has been featured on 20/20, CBS Evening News, and other television and radio programs as well as interviewed for newspaper and journal articles. She has her doctorate in organizational leadership and is a registered nurse with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and human services, a master’s degree in community health, and a professional certificate in training and development.

Live-webinar by: Dr. Susan Strauss

    • 90 mins April, 25 2024

      Female to Female Hostility @Workplace: All you Need to Know

      Human Resources
    • 90 mins May, 23 2024

      Nurse to Nurse Bullying - A Sepsis in Healthcare

      Healthcare & Hospitals

Recorded-webinar by: Dr. Susan Strauss

    • 120 mins

      Emojis, AI, Algorithms, Vulnerable Workers and Systemic Harassment – YIKES! Are You Ready to Apply the New Proposed EEOC Guidelines and Court Rulings?

      Human Resources
    • 120 mins

      How To Conduct an Internal Harassment and Bullying Investigation to Determine Facts and Minimize Liability

      Human Resources